Terms of Service

There are no attorneys up here in space, so I don't have a long, complicated terms of service page. If you know of any space attorneys, please send me their name and email.

If you use this website, you may be entering into some kind of relationship with me (Bredon Jones). It might be creative, it might turn into a business relationship, it might just be purely social. We’ll figure it out together.

I retain full rights to any lyrics or music that I share on this site, unless you buy the exclusive rights from me. But if you want to use my lyrics or music in your music or other art (without buying rights), just let me know! And preferably make me a part of the process of producing your track.

If you share music or lyrics on this site that are contributing to my musical themes and ideas, then I will have some rights to what you have shared. Tracks on here are usually going to be started by me. But if you contribute and I actually use your contribution, you will have rights to the music of some kind. You may even have rights if I choose not to use your contribution in a finished track. We’ll work that out on a case-by-case basis, but generally from a songwriting credit perspective, we’ll do even splits. There may be cases when I want to take a larger split, but I really lean towards even splits in almost all cases.

If you share completely original music or lyrics that you want to work on with me, then I will only attain rights of any kind once we have talked about what makes sense.

Bottom line: I’m pretty easy going and we’ll figure it out together. It’s best not to assume anything and just talk to me about how you want things to work. You can email me about anything related to these terms of service at terms@bredoninspace.com and we can have a deep and exciting conversation about using the text of this page in a song. It will be a banger. We will get paid.

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