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Well, here you are: an intrepid website surfer checking out my privacy policy. I applaud you for your thorough nature. Don't expect much legalese here. I'll update this after the first time I get sued.

I’m not going to do anything shady with your data except try to make music with it. Though, I've been really inspired by Kae Tempest lately and I may channel them while I read aloud everyone's email addresses over a cool, synthy backing track.

I do use some tools that are provided by Google, Facebook, and possibly other big, scary internet companies. I use them because they make my life and yours a bit easier. Basically, I use their services to allow you to log in to this site using your existing account logins. If you are worried about them stealing your soul through my website and then advertising bidets to you on Instagram, it’s probably a good idea if you just close this website right now. But I'll tell you that I do not use other tracking or analytics from Google, Facebook or otherwise. I only use their social login features.

(I personally don’t give a shit if they know that I like to have, for example, a clean butt, so I am pretty loose with my “personal data” like toilet paper preferences and whatnot. But I understand that some people have different ideas about that and I don't judge.)

As for data security in general, I’m pretty stingy with things like your passwords and I use all the appropriate and up-to-date security measures to ensure no one hacks the site and steals the raw text of the lyrics you shared with me. Void knows what they would do with them. It would be a miracle if anyone started caring about lyrics written by non-Billie Eilish people like you and me. But anything's possible.

I also don’t share your email with anyone but myself. My nefarious purposes include sending you emails about things in which you have shown an interest on this website. Sometimes I might try to sell you a hat or something like that so I can make a living. But you’ll be able to turn off and unsubscribe from anything you don’t like.

Anyway, just email me at if you have any questions about anything related to my terribly amateur privacy policy. I’m easy to talk to.

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